Want a Christmas gift that delivers major health benefits? Peloton bike delivers.

One year ago, today, I received a Peloton bike as an early Christmas gift and it has become the single best piece of workout equipment I have ever owned. I could go on and on about the positive benefits the Peloton has brought to me, but let’s just say I was sold after my first ride. In just a year, I am over 300 rides and closing in on 10,000 minutes. Rarely a day goes by that I don’t try to spin at some point during the day.

I used to love running and that was my main source of aerobic exercise. As I have aged, my body no longer tolerates running multiple times per week and rarely could do back to back days.

The Peloton workout is different. During the Covid-19 shutdown I road for 45 days straight, which frankly I would have been lucky to run 4 days straight without paying the price. The workouts are intense and fulfilling. The mental and physical benefits I have received have been profound. My weight is down, my energy is up, and I feel mentally strong as I approach my day.

Not only do I love the Peloton workouts, but so does my entire family. My wife and children take advantage of all the strength, yoga, and stretching classes offered by the platform. The meditation classes are terrific as well. If you are looking to approach the New Year with goals to improve your mental and physical health, the Peloton may be for you.

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