A visit to Express Bone & Joint Injury Care

As a physician with Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group (CSOG),
it’s good to get confirmation that our services deliver on what we
promise. Recently my daughter twisted her ankle and could not walk on it. Not
only was she in pain, but she was super upset because as a Varsity athlete she
was worried about how this injury would affect her team’s season. She wanted to
be back on the court ASAP.

When CSOG opened Express Bone & Joint Injury Care over a year ago, we designed it specifically for injuries just like my daughter’s – nothing so urgent it requires an ambulance or a call to 911, but for injuries painful and bothersome enough it needed to be seen that day.

The clinic treats bone fractures, sports injuries and muscle strains with no appointment or referral necessary. Our goal is to have patients walk-in, be treated and leave in under 30 minutes while paying the equivalent of an office visit versus an expensive trip to the ER.

The following is a recap of my wife’s and daughter’s experience:

3:00 Arrived at the walk-in clinic. We checked in with the receptionist to fill out our insurance information.

3:07     We were brought back to the clinic to be examined.

3:15     We were taken to be X-rayed.

3:25     X-rays were read by the PA on call and a preliminary diagnosis was made. An MRI was ordered.

3:30     Left clinic with a follow-up appointment with Dr. Brad Dresher, CSOG’s Foot & Ankle specialist.

By having my daughter treated at CSOG Express Joint & Injury Care, we were able to shave off well over a week of lost recovery time. She had her initial appointment with Dr. Dresher within a few days of her injury. With her X-rays and MRI report in hand, Dr. Dresher was able to diagnosis her issue and set her up with a complete treatment plan, including Physical Therapy, prior to her departure.

As a father, I was extremely relieved to have my daughter treated so quickly. I never want my children to get hurt, but it is good to know first-hand that CSOG Express Bone & Joint Injury Care is there to deliver excellent and efficient walk-in orthopaedic care.

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