Random Acts of Kindness: Patient Donation Challenge

February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day!

In anticipation of this day, I wanted to do something to support our community. As a father of four children, I often feel like my plate is full caring for my own family.  While being a Dad is the most fulfilling endeavor I have ever undertaken, it is also pretty exhausting. That is why I am always so inspired by people who not only care for their own family but open their hearts and homes to foster children.

Fostering Hope is a Colorado Springs-based non-profit whose motto is:

Love.  No Strings Attached.

I love this motto because it truly reflects what a family should offer – unconditional love.

Fostering Hope’s goal is to “Restore lives and futures through the power of family.” The organization serves as an extended family for foster parents and to the children entrusted to them. At eighteen a child ages out of the foster care system. Fostering Hope and their volunteers make sure even when a child legally ages out of the foster care system, they still have a “family” they can count on.

My Random Act of Kindness Challenge:  Grocery Gift Card Donations

This month I am extending a donation challenge to my patients:

If you would like to bring in a donation, either in the form of a gift card to a local grocery store, cash or check,  I will match your donations up to $1,500.

At the end of the month, hopefully we will have collectively raised $3,000. Any money collected will be used to purchase gift cards to local grocery stores. Fostering Hope will distribute the gift cards to local foster families and young adults to help with the burden of everyday living expenses.

I look forward to seeing how together we can achieve a seemingly Random Act of Kindness for our Colorado Springs community.

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